About The Project

Leonard CarlsonJust who is this Leonard guy anyway?

That’s the most commonly asked question we get here at “Leonard Who?”.

The answer to that question is as complex as the man himself. Simply put, his name is Leonard Carlson and he’s allowed us to film his daily life and write his story. Rather than try to explain Leonard, we’ll let the story of his world unfold on the pages of this web site.

We hope you enjoy discovering what makes Leonard tick as much as we do.

–James Fairhaven, Producer

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Send Leonard an email: leonardcarlson@gmail.com


Leonard Carlson: Don Scribner

Sterling: Bert Hinchman

James Fairhaven: Corey James


Original Music: Mark Englert

Director, Producer, Editor: Corey James

Writer: Daniel “Skip” Petras

Executive Producers: Don Scribner & Lauren Crawford

Friends of Leonard:

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