Just Who is Leonard Carlson Anyhow?

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Who is Leonard Carlson? That’s the question we aim to answer through this mixed-media project we’ve dubbed “Leonard Who?”.

At first glance you might think Leonard Carlson lives in a cardboard box down some dark alley. Turns out, Leonard just might be the epitome of The American Dream.

From what we understand thus far, Leonard was born sometime before 1950 and lived a fairly normal life until the mid 1960s. Around 1965 he penned the first of a few successful pop songs and the sudden influx of cash gave him an idea. While many people would choose to use the money to purchase a big house and a garage full of fancy cars, Leonard took a distinctively different route.

Leonard discovered that if he lived a simple life without any “new money” extravagance, he could travel the world and experience what we’ve began to discover is one of the most full and interesting sets of adventures a person could ever imagine. We’re not sure how he’s managed to do all the things he claims, we’re not even sure how much of it is really true, but we plan to bring you as much of Leonard’s world as he’ll allow us to and let you decide for yourself.

Our encounters with Leonard will be documented throughout this web site through both text and videos, as we attempt to document this amazingly interesting individual. He has given us unprecedented access into his personal life and we’ll do our best to introduce you to the man they call: Leonard Carlson.

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  1. from Paul Webster

    That’s some REALLY heavy shit, man!!!!

  2. from The Leonard Who? Show » The First Interview, Part One

    […] initial interview session between documentary producer James Fairhaven (JF) and documentary subject Leonard Carlson […]

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