Baked Honeysuckle Fritters

I took Leonard to the donut shop yesterday morning. In his own words, “I like a baked apple fritter and a cold chocolate milk on an overcast Sunday morning…and you can’t get a BAKED apple fritter just anywhere ya know.” I had a croissant and a latte and realized I only ordered those items because it was trendy, and there I was sitting with a guy that truly marches to the beat of his own drummer. I thought, is he just a bit nuts or could Leonard Carlson actually be a trend setter?

As we enjoyed our pastries under the cloud cover Leonard related a brief story about the summer he worked as a gardener for a wealthy family on some large plantation in the South somewhere. Apparently, he was walking through town one day (I couldn’t get him to explain how he ended up there or exactly what town he was talking about) and he happened into a conversation with a man named Mr. Brinkstone. As they talked, Mr. Brinkstone commented on the lovely orange flowers upon the vines clinging to the walls of the old train station. “Tecomaria capensis,” said Leonard, “better known as the Cape Honeysuckle. Best with southern exposure and when in bloom a great attractor of thirsty hummingbirds.”

Mr. Brinkstone was so impressed with Leonard‘s astute knowledge of the local flora that he hired him to his gardening staff on the spot. Since Leonard had never been on a plantation before he accepted the offer and made no mention of the fact that he had just read that Cape Honeysuckle description off his place mat while eating lunch at the local diner moments earlier.

4 Responses to “Baked Honeysuckle Fritters”

  1. from Chad

    Leonard is the man!

  2. from Leonard

    Thanks Chad. Ya know people don’t think I look at this web site but I do. I appreciate you taking a peek at my life. It still surprises me that folks are interested in me but I guess its pretty neat that they do.


  3. from Rob

    Ha, this is great. I used to work in a garden centre and pull the wool over customers’ eyes all the time by just reading plant information off the info panels before they’d had a chance to look at them. Way to go!

  4. from James Fairhaven

    Hey Rob — thanks for the comment. As we’ve gotten to know Leonard we’ve realized he’s a master at pulling the wool over people’s eyes as well. It will be fun to see how many people he fools (including us maybe) on this “Leonard Who?” project!

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