The Turkey Says I Should Stay

You may have missed this one in the comments section of Microsode #1, but it was such a great anecdote from an old buddy of Leonard’s we just had to share. It’s truly amazing how many folks have experienced moments with Leonard and it seems everyone is willing to recount their tales.

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“Let me tell you, as a friend of Leonard since I was only this big, I recall the trash truck inncident and believe you me it was a kick, a hoot. But the turkey inncident was by far the very best of Leonard. Imagine Leonard in Vegas playing black jack at one of those fancy poker playing places with his 32 pound frozen turkey sitting next to him.He would sit there and ask his turkey if he should hit or stay. And then berate it when he lost. Leonard was always pushing people that way, push them to react to an unusual situation like a man playing black jack while conferring with a 32 pound frozen turkey. Viva Leonard, touche!”

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  1. from Jane

    OH MY GOD! This is too crazy. My sister just sent me a link to this story because WE WERE THERE!!! I swear to god we were walking past the poker room at Ceasars Palace in 2005 (I remember it because the room had just opened that month) and everyone was ignoring the poker and heading over to the blackjack tables saying there was a guy gambling with a turkey. We followed the crowd and sure enough he was with his Butterball!!! I can’t believe you’re making a documentary on this guy-he’s insane!

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