Microsode #1 — The Big Shit

In this microsode, Leonard tells us a great story about his current employer. Laced with double entendres and the “s” word, this one is definitely not safe to watch at work or let the kiddies hear. As usual, we’re not quite sure how much of this story is true–but it sure is hilarious!

It’s a 48 megabyte file, so be patient. It may take a long time to load once you click on the video to play.

Can’t see the video below? Watch it on YouTube.

7 Responses to “Microsode #1 — The Big Shit”

  1. from bobmoss2002

    Wow — a fascinating start to your project. This Leonard seems like a pretty neat guy. One of those people you normally wouldn’t talk to but is actually pretty cool once you get to know them. Looking forward to seeing more of the shows.

  2. from Producer James Fairhaven

    Thanks Bob,

    We’re pretty fascinated by Leonard as well. Keep tuning in. There are plenty more Leonard shows to come.

  3. from Blain Van Berkum

    This person is a… I don’t know how to catagorize him. But I do want to meet him.

  4. from Leslie Rae Stevens

    Leonard’s life seems very interesting…I’d love
    to meet him some time…tell me where and when,

  5. from dapetras

    I can’t believe it! Leonard told me they were going to do a website about him, bit I thought he was full of it. I never know when he’s lying and when he’s telling it like it is. I’ve known Leonard forever and believe me, he’s got some stories to tell. I’m so excited for this because I’ve always thought he was worthy of a biography. He lays low, but he’s an amazing guy. Truly a classic.
    He told me about the “big shit” as you’ve called it but he left out some details. He didn’t tell you that he actually bagged up a piece of the..piece and keeps it in an aquarium at his place.
    I hope he tells you about the time he stole a garbage truck and drove it to Las Vegas! You’ll die!!

  6. from Mpetras

    Let me tell you, as a friend of Leonard since I was only this big, I recall the trash truck inncident and believe you me it was a kick, a hoot. But the turkey inncident was by far the very best of Leonard. Imagine Leonard in Vegas playing black jack at one of those fancy poker playing places with his 32 pound frozen turkey sitting next to him.He would sit there and ask his turkey if he should hit or stay. And then berate it when he lost. Leonard was always pushing people that way, push them to react to an unusual situation like a man playing black jack while conferring with a 32 pound frozen turkey. Viva Leonard, touche!

  7. from Beckett

    Oh my god. That’s all I can say. Holy shit!

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